Learn More About Advertising @ Social Work Search

Social Work Search has several different advertisement options geared to get traffic to your website. Social Work Search has been on the Internet since 1998 and it is listed within the top 10 of most popular search engines. If you are trying to reach an audience of Social Work professionals or other professionals in similar fields, Social Work Search can help you do just that.

Advertisement prices at socialworksearch.com are very reasonable when compared to others on the Internet. Most other search engines on the Internet advertise your website based on the number of impressions (when someone passes over your advertisement with their mouse) your banner receives. At Social Work Search your advertisement is based on a period of time. This means your account isn't taken off when it reaches a certain amount of impressions or clicks.

Often times, your advertisement on other search engines is only displayed when there is a certain keyword or category that is entered by the visitor. Not at socialworksearch.com, here your banner is displayed in rotation with other accounts on over thousands of different webpages! Advertisements are included on all the following pages (when available):

  • Category pages
  • Search pages
  • Forums
  • Research
  • Chat
  • What's New
  • What's Cool
  • Top 20
  • What's Popular
  • Ratings Report
  • And Many More

Social Work Search offers advertisers an account to view statistics about the number of impressions and clicks your advertisement receives (not available for some packages).

Make sure to read the advertising Terms Of Service.